About Victory

Victory Homoeo Speciality Clinic

Our Motto – Wellness with Homoeopathy

We, at Victory Homoeo Speciality Clinic believe in “Wellness with Homoeopathy” and aim at curing Man as a whole and not only the disease within Man. We have a traditional and Holistic approach towards the treatment. In this ever increasing competitive world performance is directly dependent on health. We are committed towards this very purpose of rejuvenating your health and aim at delivering our service so that you may excel in your life.

Years of Excellence Service

About Victory

VICTORY – as the name symbolizes has been very successfully and victorious in treating many people suffering from different and challenging ailments for the last four decades. Late Dr.M.R.Radhakrishnan, and his wife Late Dr.Chanchala laid the foundation of Victory Homoeo Speciality Clinic in 1972 at Malleswaram, their son Dr.M.R.Srivatsan MD(Hom) took on the reins. With more than 35 years of experience Dr.M.R.Srivatsan has let his son Dr.Rohit Srivatsan, MD (Hom) with experience of 10 years, homoeopathic physician to take on the latest in research and diagnostic through Homoeopathy.

Our Approach

Homoeopathy prides itself with being the flag bearer of holistic approach. As was said famously by Aristotle, “The whole is more than the sum of parts”. With the emergence of systems, thinking and philosophy, our holistic view of life (and disease) has just got another boost.

Detailed Homoeopathic case taking is essential part of our approach to treat the illness. Since no two people are alike, their sufferings are also different. Hence, we take an individualistic approach by treating on the constitutional basis of that individual. We at Victory, treat Man as a whole and not just concentrating on his organ affection, here we try to find out the cause for what he is being suffering, we try to understand the man with his life space, physical aspect of person (bowels, urine, appetite, thirst, perspiration, habits, thermal relation and sleep), mental aspects, his temperament (inherent constitutional pre-disposition to react to the stimuli in a certain way) which is very individualistic, persons reaction to stress, how he manages it, controls it and reasons for it etc., for the selection of remedy.

Homoeopathic medicines help in correcting the imbalance that takes place when the body is in a diseased state. Homoeopathic medicines act at the level of psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune system of the body.