Benign Prostate Enlargement (BPH)

Patient aged 48 years came with complaints of frequent urination and difficulty to hold the urge for urination. He came with a ultrasound scan report of May 2019 which read enlarged prostate volume 43cc with thickened bladder wall in the month of Aug 2019 to our clinic until then was not on any medication.

He had a family history of prostate enlargement and his father had Ca of prostate suspected and operated.

He was very anxious as to whether he would also need to go under the blade to relieve him of his suffering. He was very apprehensive as to whether really his prostate size can be reversed back to normal.

After administration of Homoeopathic medicine, his symptoms of frequent urination started improving, his symptom of  urge incontinence started improving.

He also felt better with the urine flow as well.

After 3 months of medication, we advised him for a repeat ultrasound scan of his prostate gland.

The report read the Dec 2019prostate had reduced in size now 25cc (Normal Prostate should be less than 25cc), the bladder wall thickness was completely normal. His screening test for Prostate cancer was in normal limits PSA – 0.9 (Normal <4).