Mr.Ravinder Sharma

After starting treatment for my Diabetes diagnosed since 5 months, my reading have improved very well and under control. Dr.Rohit guided me with diet and life style changes and with Homoeo medicines my diabetes is under control.

Lakshmi Rajendra

I was suffering from Wheezing since 15 years, after starting treatment here my periodic attacks of breathlessness have reduced, cough is better. I have stopped taking Inhalers regularly now. After 6 months of medication I feel much better and no attacks of wheezing since 3 months even during winter.

Eliza George

My father was suffering from Piles since 2 years, was even operated 10 years back for the same. After starting treatment from Dr.Srivatsan, the bleeding has stopped, pain is better and the size of the pile has reduced and cleared.


I have been suffering from Alopecia, bald spots on my scalp, with Hair fall since 5 months. My family allopath doctor said there is no cure and need to take steroidal medication, I was hesitant. On starting Homoeopathic treatment from Dr.Rohit Srivatsan, my Hair fall has improved and there is re growth of hair on the bald spots within 2 months.

Gayathri Reddy

My daughter was suffering from PCOD, with irregular menses, after starting treatment with Dr.Srivatsan, she is getting her periods regularly and size of her cyst and ovary have improved.

Prashant Iyer

My wife was suffering with Hypothyroidism since 3.2 years, with severe hair fall, increased weight gain, TSH reading was 42.8, we started treatment from Dr.Rohit Sriavatsan. Her TSH reading after 3 months of medication came to normal 3.7. Her hair fall improved and she has lost weight apparently as well. Pleased with the result and no life long medication.

Mohd Ismail

My son was suffering from Nasal Polyp since 6 months, after starting treatment he felt better with nasal obstruction, sneezing got better. In 2 months time the polyp completely cleared without surgery. We are very satisfied and happy with the results.

Arun Shetty

My son got diagnosed with Dengue Fever, his platelets were 57000, I was told to admit him to hospital, We contacted Dr.Srivatsan started his treatment, in just 24 hours platelets increased to 73000 and in 3 days time it reached to 2.89 lakhs. We are very happy with the treatment.

Radha Mohan

My mother suddenly developed severe abdominal pain with fever and vomiting, was diagnosed with Acute Appendicitis and she was told to get admitted immediately and undergo a surgery, I contacted Dr.Rohit Srivatsan, he said give me one day time and start the medication and to my astonishment my mother started feeling better and when we got the new scan done next day, the appendix inflammation was reduced, even the sonologist appreciated fast healing and she was on her way to complete recovery.

Krishnappa Gowda

I was suffering from severe abdominal pain and difficulty in passing urine, was diagnosed with Renal and Ureter calculus. I was referred for a surgery. I did not wish for surgery and once I started treatment from Victory Homoeo Clinic, in about 3 weeks time I was cleared of Kidney stone completely in my next scan.

Shilpa Patil

I got to know about Victory clinic from my aunt who took treatment for the same. I was suffering from Hypothyroidism for 3 years now after starting treatment here I have stopped using Thyronorm medicine completely, now not on any thyroid medication even Homoeopathy and my thyroid is now cured and my readings have remained in normal range since 8 months.

Mrs. Sundari Gopalan

My daughter Smitha was suffering from recurring tonsilitis, since 8 years. We started with Dr.Srivatsan’s treatment and observed excellent recovery in about three to four months. We had to continue medication for about one year. The results were great. My child no more required antibiotics and other chemical medicines. My earlier doctor had suggested surgery. No, we have been able to save her tonsils from surgery.